Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in hospitality

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technologies into all your areas of operation, to create new – or update existing – processes, operations, communications, and guest experiences.

By making the transformation to digitally based solutions, you will not only keep overheads in check, but also significantly improve your green credentials helping towards a lower carbon footprint and overall emissions. If working to a specific green accreditation, digital transformation will help you achieve your objectives more easily and simultaneously enhance your ways of operating.

You will be able to embrace intelligent, tech-facilitated systems across your organisations operations – allowing you to become more efficient and more productive. Digital transformation can mean anything from IT modernisation, such as a shift to cloud computing, or a move from paper-based records to spreadsheets, to the implementation of a hosted phone system or harnessing the power of innovative technology to interact with guests and staff in more efficient ways e.g., via live chat.

The guest of today expects to be able to reach you at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere, so it’s vital to ensure you are always on and ultra-responsive.

With our extensive experience and track record in serving hospitality customers, we will assess your specific hospitality requirements and work with you to implement a bespoke digital transformation strategy. We’ll work with you to employ industry-leading applications and innovative tools to ensure your team is equipped to deliver optimum efficiency and unrivalled service.

Optimise processes, integrate data, secure your operations, and boost productivity – embrace digital transformation and futureproof your business. Agility, resiliency, productivity, and a positive guest experience are the most crucial factors in determining the success of any organisation, irrespective of its size. A well-planned digital transformation strategy is essential to embracing the advancements of technology and key to achieving these ambitions.

The analogue switch off is coming!

What does this mean for you? Briefly, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be fully closed by 2025. Ahead of this, every legacy phone line, ISDN, and broadband connection across the UK will need to be upgraded to a fully digital service. This includes emergency lines for lifts and monitored alarm lines, for example.

Openreach are actively updating all telephone exchanges across the UK, moving across to a full fibre network based on Internet Protocol (IP) to enable fast, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity. So its time to upgrade your telecoms and connectivity to ensure you stay in-touch and ready for the digital future.

As part of our digital transformation strategy, we will help you identify tangible savings by making recommendations that will remove redundant technologies and services, whilst also rationalising your infrastructure.

Your Digital Transformation strategy

Research & plan

Digital transformation success begins with the development of a transformation roadmap. It begins with understanding how it works, identifying what your organisation and your guests require, the potential obstacles to success, the objectives, and the tools you can utilise to support your business on its digital transformation journey. This roadmap will provide you with a clear digital transformation plan and will be key to its success.

Create change in your organisation

Digital transformation is the process of using digitalised information or data to make established ways of working simpler and more efficient. It isn’t about changing how you do business but how you can facilitate faster business, by improving operational processes; ensuring data is accessible and secure; enabling agile working with cloud-based communication systems and enhancing the experience for your guests. By partnering with mission : net zero, we will help you draw out a roadmap for your digital transformation and be by your side as you undergo your digital transformation journey and achieve your goals.

The future is digital

In today’s fast-evolving world, you need to be able to adapt and evolve to grow and thrive. Digital technology prepares you for a smarter future by creating communication platforms for efficient service delivery, harnessing the power (and security) of cloud-based tech and by developing the tools needed to support an efficient, agile workforce.

One of the top hospitality digital transformation companies

As one of the UK’s top hospitality focussed digital transformation companies, we’re ready when you are. We are ready to get to know you and your ambitions. Ready to determine the digital architecture you need to reach its goals. Ready to deploy sophisticated technologies, thoughtfully planned and expertly supported. Ready to support the growth of your business. Now and into the future.

Our digital transformation solutions will help you unlock a powerful network which paves the way for your team to work flexibly, securely, and efficiently, wherever they are. Coupled with the right technology – from communication platforms to mobile connections, you’ll always be connected and ready to embrace customers in a hybrid working world.

What are benefits of digital transformation?

Reduced costs

The primary objective of digital transformation is to invest in scalable applications that accommodate future growth and a modern workplace. Digital Transformation benefits your organisation by reducing the expenditure on the operation and maintenance of a traditional IT hardware. In turn, freeing up budget that can be reinvested into guest-facing resources to increase sales, productivity, and profitability.


Improved productivity is key to business expansion. The development of a digital transformation strategy and adoption of digital technology such as cloud-based data storage or hosted phone systems, ensures processes can be streamlined or enhanced to reduce manual effort and increase productivity levels.


A clear digital transformation plan facilitates change. It empowers employees to work collaboratively and efficiently, across multiple platforms…with ease. Digital technology will also enable you to adapt and grow, whilst being flexible to the needs of all guests. Quickly and cost-effectively.

Enhanced service

Digital transformation harnesses the power of technology to evolve the way you operate and deliver service to your guests. It enables you to embrace intelligent, tech-facilitated systems across your organisational operations – allowing you to optimise the guest experience and stay one step ahead of the competition.


Digital transformation will empower your team to communicate, innovate and collaborate by arming them with the tools and technology to easily access data, applications, desktops, files, and communication platforms from anyway, at any time and from any device.


Digital transformation puts you in a supremely agile position, with the ability to scale up to support growth or support operations across multiple locations. It delivers the flexibility to access your business data, systems, and communication platforms – fluently, efficiently, and securely.

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