Green kick-start with Bedford Lodge Hotel

It was great to attend a kickstart meeting with the ‘Green Team’ at the luxurious Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa situated in the famous town of Newmarket; the historic home of British horse racing.

Friday 10th March 2023

With socially responsible hotel owners using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a business we are delighted to be working with Chief Executive, Noel Byrne, Sales & Marketing Manager, Rachael Montagner and eco-minded team members from across the hotel (pictured below) to develop a range of environmental, sustainability and social impact initiatives specific to the hospitality sector.

Projects include developing proactive energy management measures, a mindful waste strategy, and water saving initiatives. As well as tasks relating to team welfare, authentic guest experiences, biodiversity projects, community outreach and developing the locally sourced sustainable food & drink supply chain.

Refreshing the long held Green Tourism eco-certification and developing a pathway to Gold accreditation will demonstrate to the hotel’s owner, the hardworking hotel & spa team, eco-minded guests, corporate bookers of meetings and events and the local community a commitment to fulfil strict ESG criteria, giving the business an advantage over other hotels and spas in the East of England with no accredited ‘green credentials’.

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa team members standing on interior steps


Website featured image courtesy of Bedford Lodge Hotel (view their Google photos)


If interested in a discussion as to how we can help you meet your environmental, sustainability and social impact commitments for the hospitality sector please contact us at or call +44 (0)1223 750676

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