Spring update on our hospitality hives

Depending on where you are in the U.K, it could well be hailing…when will it stop!? It has been a long, wet winter which hasn’t been ideal for our British bees and pollinators.

Spring 2024 – an update on our brilliant bees

Left to their own devices many new colonies struggle to survive the winter but, thankfully, nearly all of Martin’s hives and colonies  (Knights Beekeeping, our expert beekeeper) have made it through this considerably damp winter and are desperate to get out and start foraging.

close-up of Knights Beekeeping


With foragaing, comes pollinating; the fields, trees and hedgerows that surround Martin’s carefully chosen apiary locations. Mission : net zero’s collection of fostered hives are based in the rolling Bath countryside.

Update from Martin: our main job in the apiary this month is to prepare the hives for Spring. This involves removing the winter insulation we put on all our hives and varroa (a nasty mite that is killing bees all over the world) prevention strips that we treat all our bees with, plus rearranging the hives so the brood box (where the Queen lays her eggs) is at the bottom, with the first honey super placed on top for the bees to store any spring honey in.

For those that haven’t heard of Knights Beekeeping, they work with forward thinking hotels that want to do something incredible for the environment and their employees. As we all know, it’s really important that brands and businesses clearly show and demonstrate to their employees and customers their commitment to a more sustainable future, their purpose and their core values. We hear all the time organisations want to do something positive for the planet but often don’t really know where to start, or how to engage their employees or guests. Knights Beekeeping is a great way to address these challenges.

Hospitality team building with knights beekping

Beekeeping is a unique team building activity for hospitality teams

If we can all do something no matter how small, big things can really happen!

We’ve also found that visiting the hives and bees makes for a great team building experience – we visited in 2023, take a look at our blog here.

Martin has plenty of suits so everyone can get involved and into the hives. He’s always taken back by how much people get out of it and how the Bees bring people together and always creates a lot of joy and laughter.

“I find it’s becoming the eureka moment for people, ‘I can’t believe we do this, it’s so cool’ it connects people with nature and why you do all you do… I also hear  ‘I can’t believe I’ve been allowed to come’ which is almost even better… employee engagement at its very best!!!”


What does a managed hive entail?

These would be your bees, your hives and all the honey/wax will be yours to use however you so wish: give to employees, customers, use in your kitchens and cocktails, gift to partners and stakeholders, or use as thought provoking marketing material with a label linking the audience to your Sustainability page or purpose page on your website. Whilst many businesses are more than happy to be doing their bit for the environment and investing in our future, some are offsetting the cost of keeping the bees by branding and selling their own honey, it’s entirely up to you. Interestingly, Knights Beekeeping are also using the wax for some clients to make various balms as room gifts and takeaways, which is a nice touchpoint.

Take a look at our Knights Beekeeping partnership proposal here.


spring 2024 images from knights beekeeping; hive with bees swarming, close-up of a bee on a flower and pots of honey

A few snaps taken from Knights Beekeeping

If you’re interested in supercharging your sustainability and biodiversity efforts,  please contact us.

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