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Supporting your journey to net zero

Socially responsible investors are using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a business. The increasing numbers of eco-minded customers are also making environmental credentials a critical part of their buying decision.

The mission : net zero team support our clients who aim to earn a prestigious hallmark of sustainable green achievement which demonstrates to investors, employees, and customers their commitment to fulfil the thorough environmental responsibility and sustainability criteria requirements within the hospitality industry. Working alongside foremost independent accreditation specialists, Green Tourism and Green Key, we help clients participate in respected international accreditation schemes that consider factors such as carbon emissions, waste management, supply chains, environmental impacts, employee engagement and employment policies.

As accredited businesses receive frequent independent audits to verify their sustainability performance and prevent so-called ‘green washing’, we provide a managed service to closely monitor progress, ensuring in-depth sustainability standards are met.

In addition, as businesses are required to continually improve their performance,  we provide regular advice and guidance on how to monitor and reduce the consumption of resources and offer assistance to help motivate staff as well as guests to act more responsibly. Regular reports are submitted enabling clients to monitor improvements and achievements in their business’s sustainable operation and management.

  • Hospitality Ecolabel Accreditation
    Hospitality Ecolabel Accreditation
  • ESG Impact Strategy
    ESG Impact Strategy
  • Building Energy Efficiency Audits
    Building Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation & Offsets
    Carbon Footprint Calculation & Offsets
  • Alternative Energy Sources
    Alternative Energy Sources
  • Renewable Energy Procurement
    Renewable Energy Procurement
  • Waste & Plastic Management
    Waste & Plastic Management
  • Biodiversity Action Plans & Tree Planting
    Biodiversity Action Plans & Tree Planting
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
    Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Digital Transformation & Guest Technology
    Digital Transformation & Guest Technology
  • Local Community Supply Chains
    Local Community Supply Chains
  • Employee & Guest  Engagement
    Employee & Guest Engagement
  • Green Training & Awareness
    Green Training & Awareness
  • BREEAM and EPC Assessments
    BREEAM and EPC Assessments
  • Regular ESG Monitoring Reports
    Regular ESG Monitoring Reports

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